Who we are / What we do

MANAN Partners Ltd.* is a real estate investment and development advisor and initiator of innovative real estate products. We maximize value-creation for all stake holders through diligent analysis, creative concepts, integrated strategic planning, and implementation through effective organizational platforms. Success is quantifiable. We focus on measurable results and long lasting, positive impact.

Our international management team combines the strength and experience of seasoned real estate professionals, with complementary core skills - individually with successful delivery track records of more than twenty years in senior and chief executive positions. MANAN Partners’ team members have previously worked together in industry-leading, international real estate investment and development companies. Our combined experiences and portfolios span across the whole real estate value chain, different asset classes and diverse geographic markets - in fast growing as well as downturn market cycles.

MANAN Partners uses its multi-disciplinary and international expertise and network of industry relationships to provide:
  • Strategic advisory services (business development, corporate development, project development)
  • Real estate product creation and development management services
  • Cross-border investment and asset management services

to a select group of international private and institutional investors.

(* MANAN Partners Ltd. is a registered BVI business company, fully owned by the management team and acting in its target markets with and through wholly owned, on and off-shore subsidiaries, affiliated and associated partner companies.)


How we do it
Strategic advisory services
MANAN Partners’ advisory work encompasses a broad spectrum of services to create opportunities and improve and enhance our client’s value capturing and growth potential on his organizational, portfolio and project management levels. Our approach is to keep a low profile and work directly and discretely with the project/company owner or key executive to support his decision making ability on a strategic level. Once objectives and value-creation strategies have been established, we provide ongoing strategic, tactical and operational support to assure a result-focused, well coordinated and effective implementation. MANAN Partners offers to work with and for its clients in different capacities: as external consultants and owner’s representatives, as in-house interim management team or as project specific partners and managers.
Real estate product creation and development management
MANAN Partners creates real estate product and services concepts and teams up with seed/venture capital partners to prepare their realization. We cooperate with best-in-class designers, contractors/construction managers and operators to refine and test product and delivery strategies for several real estate building types and service offerings, targeting specific niches in Middle Eastern and South American markets. They include modular, pre-fabricated housing, in-door water parks and specific budget hotels. The concepts are created in a response to unmet demand, trend and growth projections and in iterative processes with local stake holders to ensure their cultural adaptation.
Cross-border investment and asset management services
MANAN Partners uses its international expertise and industry network to identify and manage attractive real estate investment opportunities in Europe, USA and South America. Through our international strategic alliances with management partners in different international locations we are equipped to structure complex investment transactions and provide ongoing development and asset management services.


MANAN Partner's Difference
Track Record

Comprehensive and first-hand experience of the team members, each with track records of more than twenty years in front-line senior and chief executive positions in real estate investment, and development.

Owner’s Perspective Acting directly for and on behalf of the project owner in full alignment with his interests in sustained value creation, budget discipline and risk mitigation.
Result driven Focusing on successful implementation, not on reports.
Integration Strategic mindset, applying a holistic, long-term view, to guide multi-disciplinary teams towards effective problem solving and to build consensus amongst stake holders.
Value based Provide ethically responsible and quality focused approaches to products, processes and people involved. Understanding sustainability agendas and applying effective and cost-efficient measures on all levels.
Innovative Explore innovative product and services concepts and delivery approaches through open minded, “out-of-the-box” thinking and multi-disciplinary team work.
International Reach Closely connected within an international network of best-in-class industry players. Successful project delivery track record of management team in more than 15 international markets – mature and emerging.